Normal Plan
The content of Normal Plan is available for free.
Part of the content specifically delivered to
Special plan userswill also be available to Normal Plan
tier after a certain period of time.
CG work previews
A CG bundle or manga will be posted on
soryuu4 once every 2 months.

Normal plan users can see any
illustrations and additional content
publicly published on the external website.

※If you are interested in reading the full
story, you will need to either subscribe to
the Special Plan tier or purchase those
you are interested in.
Game / System trial versions
Trial versions can be played.

These contents are for Special plan users,
but their previews will be available in advance.

※There are no plans to post game system
development at this time.
(As of 04/2019))
DOT Series
What is the "DOT Series"?
This is an illustration bundle.

Since these are things
I may draw when I feel like it,
there is no determined schedule.

The DOT series are going to be
available to Special Plan users first,
then be publicly available.
Story +
What is "Story +"?
Stories with illustrations are
published on soryuu4.

Stories are updated on the 1st of every month

By subscribing to the Normal Plan tier,
you will be able to see 4 more episodes
in advance.

※Almost no sexual depiction is
present in these stories.
Gift work plan
What is the "Gift work plan"?
Users subscribed to the Normal Plan
tier will receive 1 work as a gift
when more than 1000pt have
been accumulated.

※ Support PT are points that can
be freely acquired within Fantia.

Please take a look at the article
with all of the related details available
on Fantia if you are interested.

Subscribe to Normal Plan
Special Plan
This is a 600 yen per month plan.

Multiple types of content such as CG
bundles and manga will be posted.
Viewing CG illustration bundles / Manga / Other content
With the Special Plan,
you will be able to enjoy all of the contentposted.

You can see the list of different works here.

Works List

The main focus of the contents available are
CG bundles or mangas.
There might be a few months when
I will experiment with new tools or try new things.
Trial versions / Early prototypes
On months I don't post any works
(odd numbered months),
I will be providing reference images of
the upcoming work
those who are members.

I will also be providing information on
any upcoming new systems in development
if applicable.
Story Special
On top of the +4 chapters from the Normal Plan,
the Special Plan will be able to read
an additional +8!

※The range available may be
altered due to various circumstances.
I hope you can understand if
that happens.

For those who are interested,
please check the work with
◆ジャンル:ストーリー (Genre: story)
in the "Works List".
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Soryuu4 Product
You can purchase works on using PayPal.
How to purchase works
You must first register an account.
This is possible by entering an e-mail address
and a password.

After registering your account,
you can proceed to purchase by adding
works to your cart.
Download works
There are 2 ways to download works.

 ・Download from the
  "My Account" page's "Downloads" page

After the purchase is completed,
you can go to the Download option under
"My Account" to download purchased works.

If the works you have purchased do not appear,
please consult the "Possible download problems" section.

You can also re-download works you
have purchased previously from the
download page.

・Download from the e-mail
 sent after the purchase

After the purchase procedure has been completed,
an e-mail with a download link will be sent
to the registered e-mail address.
You will be able to download the works
from there.

If you wish to re-download past works
you purchased, please go to your
"My Account" page to download them.
Download problems?
When the selected works don't appear
in the download page after completing
the purchase.

Or when the confirmation e-mail isn't received
it could be sign of PayPal's payment investigation
being done.

This investigation usually takes between
12 to 48 hours. If this is the case,
I'm afraid I cannot help you at this time,
so please understand and wait for a
while until it goes through.

If you are still unable to
download after 48 hours
, please contact me.

These reviews appear to occur most often
with specific domain names.
Customers using one of the following
domain names below may be subject
to a payment investigation.

【 Subjected domain names 】
To Soryuu4 Product
This section will explain
how to access content.
About the subscription method
The way to access content follows below.

◆Join Special Plan
◆Purchasing product version

Soryuu4 Product

・Purchasing through DLsite

These are the 3 different ways.
Each different way is explained below.
Fantia Special Plan
You can read all works produced by soryuu4
when you subscribe to the
Special Plan on Fantia.

Click here for details

There is currently no plan to
continue updating other websites
as of 08/2019.

Sorry for those who
are unable to pay there.
Thank you for understanding.
Product version
It is possible to access content by
purchasing individual works instead of
subscribing to the Special plan.

The product versions will be on sale at the
same time they are available to subscribers.

The initial price is 600 yen.
Since the price from the Special plan and
product version
are the same,
you can use whichever method is
more convenient to you.

When the next work is released,
the price will be reduced from
600 yen → 500 yen.

All of the past works can be individually
bought at 500 yen.
Soryuu4 Product

Please look at Soryuu4 Product's
section above for details.

It is also possible to purchase works through DLsite,
but the updates on that site are irregular.

Please note the works sold there may
be published at a later date,
or may never be put to sale.

Sales on that website will not
done on the same date as the release
date of the works.

If you have points, I recommend you
purchase them from there.